Welcome to Greenmount

Greeting Pack

We hope you have a wonderful holiday in Windermere, and a very warm welcome to Greenmount. We hope this information pack will help you feel at home and get the most out of your stay.


Whilst you are close to Kendal with its varied shopping, bars and restaurants and the lovely villages of Windermere and Bowness, don’t be afraid to spread your wings and explore all that the National Park has to offer.


Some of our favourites include:


Orrest Head

Walk to a viewpoint from Windermere that gives you fantastic views over the Lake.



“The loveliest spot that man hast ever found” William Wordsworth. Visit his home at Dove Cottage as well as the gravestones of the Wordsworth family.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the famous Grasmere Gingerbread shop or visit the small independent shops and pubs



A nice village near to Beatrix Potter’s home at Hill Top. Sample the delights of the Relish shop – they always have plenty of samples. Reachable on the ferry from Bowness in your car, or simply as a foot passenger. From here, we also like the walk to Tarn Hows, a gentle walk to the tarn and round it’s perimeter. For those less able, you can drive to the Tarn rather than walk


You can find the key information on the Welcome Card on the kitchen Counter




Best wishes

Adrian, Tracey, Ethan & Korin

A guide to

our home

A few things to get you started


Wifi is free for you and to connect:

Select Greenmount as your network

The password is Greenmount123!

Heating & Hot water

Each radiator has a thermostatic valve and you can set these for your own comfort. The hot water is constant with the combi boiler and the heating is on a Hive timer

The boiler is in the kitchen cupboard, but this is set to the on position (please do not touch this) as the times are controlled by the hive system and set on a timer. If you want to boost the heating, then you can press the boost button on the hive controller below, this is in the hallway


To play music there is a Sonos speaker in the lounge. Once you are linked to the Wifi on your device, you need to download the Sonos app and follow the instructions to connect to the speaker.

TV System

Press the red button on the remote to switch the TV on, then the home button to access the app menu.


From this you can access:

Iplayer, ITV hub, Netflix, NowTV etc.


To access these apps, you will need to log on with your own account.


If you wish to see the 4 basic channels, you can use the Sky remote.


To use the DVD player, use the long LG remote, there are a selection of DVDs in the drawer of the display cabinet and the hallway cupboard.

Hob and Oven
Combi Oven and
Plate Warmer

The hob is controlled by touch, first touch the on button and this will illuminate the controls. Then touch the relevant button for the ring you require and a zero will illuminate, touch the same button and this will set the relevant ring to the hottest temperature 9. Keep pressing the same button to decrease the temperature.

To operate the oven, press the left-hand knob, which will pop out, and turn to the desired function. Repeat this with the right-hand knob to set the temperature or grill strength.

To use the microwave, press the right-hand knob, which will pop out, and turn to the microwave icon and then select the microwave power from the 3 press buttons on the far-right hand side.


To use the oven, select the desired icon on the left knob and the temperature on the right-hand knob. The plate warming drawer automatically heats up when the oven function on the combi microwave is in use.

Nespresso and 
Milk Frother

Turn the large knob on the right to desired programme and the small knob on the left to desired temperature. To dry washing as a continuation of the was turn the middle knob to the desired time this will automatically dry the clothes after. Once set press the on button, if the programme doesn’t start, ensure the door is shut properly and press the start button.

Open Fire

To programme the dishwasher, press the on button on the left hand side, press p to select the programme you desire and then the start button and close the door.

Please be careful when building a fire and note that it not designed to burn coal and ideally only kiln dried logs should be used. The best way to light a fire is to place firelighters underneath a small amount of kindling. Once the kindling has taken hold place logs on top. There are fire utensils provided for your use and nothing else should be used to prod the fire. For your safety it is advised that you place the fireguard around the fire at all times, but it is essential that this is placed in front of the fire if you leave it unattended or when retiring to bed. Fire supplies, logs, kindling and firelighters can be purchased from the garages along the A591, the Spar in Staverley and any of the supermarkets in Kendal.

Both the shower in the main bathroom and the

en-suite are turned on by turning the left side of the control and the temperature is controlled by turning the right-hand side. The shower in the en-suite is activated by pull the centre knob upwards.

The towel rails are controlled by the central heating and come on at the same time as the heating.

Showers & Towel Rail
Refuse Collection
Child Safety

Please put all your rubbish in the bins provided, they are located behind the steps that lead up to the main door. We have a grey wheelie bin for general waste including food waste, a green wheelie bin for garden waste, a blue box for glass and paper mixed and a blue bag for plastic.

Please be aware that there are window blinds in the property with cords. Kindly ensure young children are adequately supervised.

Parking Spaces

There are 2 parking spaces for the apartment these are located on the right as you drive in just beyond the small lawn area.

For your Safety

There is a Mains operated smoke alarm in the hallway and also the alarm in the kitchen also incorporates a heat detector and carbon monoxide detector.


There is also a Powder fire extinguisher and fire blanket in the cupboard above the bread bin.


There are battery operated fire alarms in both bedrooms and the lounge and also a carbon monoxide detector in the lounge.


On discovery of a fire


Leave the building by the front door, try to close doors behind you without putting yourself at additional risk.


Report to an agreed assembly point, we suggest the pillars as you enter the driveway next to the main Windermere Road. check all members of your party are present.


Call 999 our full address is: Greenmount, 1 Bannel Head, Windermere Road, LA9 5SA.


Do not renter the apartment until your advised by the fire service it is safe to.

Useful Information

  • Greenmount is 2.5miles away from the town of Kendal and 6.5miles away from Windermere


  • Tourist information – Finkle Street, Kendal 01539725139 or Victoria Street, Windermere


  • ATM/bank – Main Street and Stricklandgate, Kendal


  • Pharmacy – Boots on Stricklandgate, Kendal


  • Doctors – Station house surgery, Kendal 01539722660


  • Opticians – Specsavers on Stricklandgate, Kendal 01539734777


  • Dentist – Kendal dental care, Kendal 01539720302


  • Supermarkets – Spar, Staverley or several larger supermarkets, Kendal


  • Taxis – Blue star 01539723670 or K cars 01539731000


  • Garages – Shell service station, A591


  • Church – Kendal parish church


  • Market – Wednesday and Saturday in Kendal

  • Restaurants and bars – there are plenty of restaurants and bars within a short distance some of our favourites are:


  • The Wild Boar – Crook, this is very popular so book early 03332203108


  • Eagle and Child – Staverley 01539821320


  • Bangkok 7 – Kendal 01539733733


  • River Fortune – Chinese takeaway, Kendal 01539740899



  • Golf – Kendal golf club


  • Bike hire – next to Booths in Windermere

  • Walks
    We have plenty of books for you to use on the bookshelf in the kitchen, they are filled with all types of walks for all abilities.

  • If you are feeling very adventurous then try the Kentmere Loop but beware it is particularly strenuous and take plenty of drinks and food as there are no stops along the way.

  • We welcome your comments in the visitors’ book. We are always keen to improve what we offer and invite you to bring to our attention anything you may feel constructive.

  • Please also ensure you report any breakages or damage immediately, this gives us the opportunity to replace or repair anything before our next guests arrive.

  • We do hope you had a lovely holiday and wish you a safe onward journey