Skies Funding

How we can help

your business

Skies Holidays is offering support to local businesses, including up to £1,000 to guest houses in Cumbria.


This fund has been allocated to assist the accommodation and guest house industry which has been impacted significantly by the coronavirus restrictions. Although there can only be a limited number of successful applicants for the funding, we are offering support and guidance to everyone that applies.

During the process of the application you will be allocated an Account Manager who will guide you through the application process and help with meeting criteria for the fund.








Additionally each of our Account managers has expertise in developing accommodation businesses in Cumbria, and can offer you advice and support in different areas of your businesses 


We can fully appreciate the difficulties that most guesthouses face this winter, and with the future being so uncertain it is important for communities and businesses to come together.

As we assess your needs we will collaborate with you and offer recommendations to help future proof your business.  

Skies Funding is launching this scheme on the 23 November 2020 and will be taking applications over the phone.


This will give us the opportunity to fully understand what each applicant needs, before deciding on where to gift the funds.


To find out what support is available, and whether your business is eligible for funding, please call Skies Holidays on:  01539324055

Criteria for applying

Terms and Conditions

This support is given in the form of Non-Repayable funds to be utilised towards the viability of your business.

Any offering of the support fund by Skies Holidays Funding will be given on a case by case basis subject to the needs and viability of the business.


To find out if you and your property are eligible for this support fund you will need to contact us by phone and go through our expression of interest questionnaire. This will determine if you are eligible to receive the funding.


If you have been selected to receive funded support from Skies Funding you will be required to provide details of the outcome and where the support fund was utilised within the business. 

By completing the expression of interest, you, as the applicant agree:

  • To work with Skies Funding to achieve the aims and objectives of the project and inform Skies Funding of the current viability of the business.

  • To submit a certified copy of the receipted of funding obtained through other means, for example, government funded coronavirus support scheme.

  • That the Skies Funding contribution will be spent on the business and be utilised toward improving the viability of that business


  • To arrange with Skies Funding a site visit at the property, that is subject of the application, and to provide the relevant information to assess the need and requirements of the business.


- 3- 9 bedroom properties

- Located within the county of Cumbria

- Have been affected financially by the pandemic

- Must be a Sole Trader, Registered Partnership or Limited Company