Welcome to Waterside

Greeting Pack

Welcome to Waterside, we hope you enjoy your stay in this wonderful property.

You are very close to Bowness on Windermere and Windermere town both of which are well worth exploring with lots of activities and sights to see. You can find more about things to do in the area in the section on About the Area below.

You will also find information about the features and appliances within the property on this page. Please have a good read through and if you are still having difficulties or have further questions please contact us using the contact details outlined below.

Best wishes

Skies Holidays

A guide to

our home

A few things to get you started

Hot Tub

There are two controls for the radiators.


The one on the ground floor works the ground floor radiators and the one on the upper floor works the upstairs radiators.

Press the round button once and release

Press it again and the current temperature is shown

Use the up and down buttons to increase or decrease the temperature.

Remember to lower the temperature at night or it will feel like you’ve been transported to the Bahamas when it kicks back in!

To keep the water clean during your evening of jet setting, please take a shower before jumping in and remove any makeup, fake tan and hair extensions.

Remove the lid with both of you and place to one side.

Check the temperature, this should show on the control panel on the side of the hot tub this should be around 37 degrees.

Use the control panel to start the jets and turn on the lights. There are a few extra buttons on the control panel, do not use these as they will turn off the recommended settings of your hot tub.

Jump in and enjoy!

Once you have finished with the hot tub, remember to turn off the jets to reduce the noise and replace the lid so it keeps at temperature for when you next want to jump in.

The switch by the front door is for the top hall and outside lights.

The downstairs triple lights switch is for the stairs, dining and the outside lights.

Behind the TV is for 2 more outside lights.

Corner of kitchen next to the paper towel is LED lights for the worktop.

Bedroom bedside lights, touch the base to switch on and you can choose from 3 brightness settings.

The porch light is automatic.

Top Tub Tips

If you find your hot tub is too hot, leave the hot tub lid off for a while and keep an eye on the temperature on the control panel.

If you find some of the jets are not jetting to their full capacity, they may need opening. You can do this by rotating the casing of the jet into the open position.

Hot Tub T&C’s

Refrain from using the hot tub between 10pm and 8am

During pregnancy soaking in hot water can be hazardous, please limit use to 10 minute intervals.

Do not use the hot tub immediately after exercise

Do not use the hot tub if you have an infectious disease

Do not use any electrical items within 2 meters of the hot tub

Guests on medication should seek advice from a medical professional prior to using the hot tub.


The road at the front of the property has no restrictions for parking so you are welcome to park cars along the road. There is parking in front of the house where the boat is stored.

Ignore the recording setup on the stereo, you will only need the amplifier and CD player.


The amplifier is on the top rights and the next one down is the CD player.


There is a separate CD player above the microwave.


There is a selection of films and games in the living area and side room.

The TV is Freeview. To operate the TV press the top red button on the remote control.


When prompt appears press the arrow button on the right then ok. Fot channels press round button above CH.


Films can be played through the Xbox.


There is a number of rated films and games so please check through these if children are staying.

Mains Water Tap

It is located at the rear of the double cupboard next to the fridge. You will see the brass tap at the back of the bottom shelf.

All trip switches are under the stairs top box area behind the black speaker cloth. Remove the speaker cloth frame and the fuse box is behind the music speakers.

Fuse Box
Bins and Recycling

The bins are located at the side of the house by the front door. Bin collection is Friday at 8.30am.


They take recycling and general waste on alternative weeks.


Please follow the link for the bin calendar:


Dishwasher and
Washing Machine

The dishwasher is in the kitchen and there are tablets in your welcome pack and extra ones under the sink. 50 degrees ECO is the best setting.

The washer/dryer is in the side rooms next to the kitchen. There is a Quick wash setting that only takes 28mins.




The kitchen pipes cannot manage both at the same time.


Ironing board is in the side room next to the kitchen.

There are cushions for the outside chairs in the side room.


The lounge curtains are very heavy. Hold the curtain half way up and push towards the glass before sliding along the track.

The bedroom curtains all work on a pulley system found on the right hand side of the window. Do not pull from the middle.


Useful Information

  • Tourist information – Finkle Street, Kendal 01539725139 or Victoria Street, Windermere


  • ATM/bank – Main Street and Stricklandgate, Kendal


  • Pharmacy – Boots on Stricklandgate, Kendal


  • Doctors – Station house surgery, Kendal 01539722660


  • Opticians – Specsavers on Stricklandgate, Kendal 01539734777


  • Dentist – Kendal dental care, Kendal 01539720302


  • Supermarkets – Spar, Staverley or several larger supermarkets, Kendal


  • Taxis – Blue star 01539723670 or K cars 01539731000


  • Garages – Shell service station, A591


  • Church – Kendal parish church


  • Market – Wednesday and Saturday in Kendal

  • Restaurants and bars – there are plenty of restaurants and bars within a short distance some of our favourites are:


  • The Wild Boar – Crook, this is very popular so book early 03332203108


  • Eagle and Child – Staverley 01539821320


  • Bangkok 7 – Kendal 01539733733


  • River Fortune – Chinese takeaway, Kendal 01539740899



  • Golf – Kendal golf club


  • Bike hire – next to Booths in Windermere

  • If you are feeling up for a very adventurous walk then try the Kentmere Loop but be aware it is particularly strenuous and take plenty of drinks and food as there are no stops along the way.

  • We welcome your comments in the visitors’ book. We are always keen to improve what we offer and invite you to bring to our attention anything you may feel constructive.

  • Please also ensure you report any breakages or damage immediately, this gives us the opportunity to replace or repair anything before our next guests arrive.

  • We do hope you had a lovely holiday and wish you a safe onward journey